Monday, November 26, 2007

I bleed Crimson

It's always hard to swallow a loss, especially to them. We all knew that this season would not be what we expected after the Arkansas game. I'm not giving the "it's a rebuilding year" speech, which I hate hearing. But, I do say that you have to lay the foundation before you can start building up. This year has given us a taste of victory high, and a tragedy loss of the lowest. All in all, you know you and I will always bleed Crimson and be proud to do so.

With that, in recount of the season, all games marked with an L were not lost by more than a margin of 7, e.g. AU-7, ULM-7, MSU-5, LSU-7, FSU-7, and UGA-3. This brings us to a total loss margin of 36 from our six losses. I can't say that we were so close in all these games because you and I both watched us struggle a lot. It just shows what potential was there, what things we need to work on, who we need to weed out, who we need to step up, and who can't or can handle the pressure.

We'll probably get together and give you a good season re-cap later on down the road. It was a frustrating season. I'm not sure if everyone will be looking forward to a bowl game or not. But as we started this whole fiasco back in January, they are looking for support. We need to give them support. Be proud, it looks bright.


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