Thursday, November 1, 2007

Throwdown in T-Town

Keys to Victory
  • Control first down on offense and defense. Have to stay out of 3rd and long, they're d-line will dominate if they can pin their ears back and come after JP.
  • DO NOT get behind, this is not a team we want to have to play catch up on.
  • Get the running game going early, this will open up the field for JP and DJ.
  • Get at least one big play on special teams, field position will be key.
  • Get Zeke Knight healthy, he is a big factor on our defense.
  • Coaching adjustments will be key in the second half, Applewhite will have to out coach Pelini for us to win.
  • Kareem Jackson will have to play big when he is covering Early Doucet and Tolliver, they are going to try to isolate him.
  • Make Les look like an idiot when he makes those ridiculous gambles.


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