Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mid-week Miscellaneous

The bad guy? Even mom wanted to know why?

The #10 at Jimmy Johns (the restaurant that is) should be changed to the HeadHunter sandwich.

It looks like Bowden better get out soon and Fisher needs to tighten up ship. 20 Suspended for bowl game.

He screws Alabama. Now he wants to screw West Virginia... out of 4 million.

Terry wants back in. WVU is open. Looks like Auburn would like him back.

Here's the latest list of the carousel.

The bowl series starts tomorrow with Utah and Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Our friends over at Pelican State Sports some how accumulated a few Christmas cards sent to Bobby Petrino. My favorite:
      "Dear Bobby,
        Could my son come play for you?
      Merry Xmas,
        Mitch Mustain’s mother
      P.S. Are you single?"


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