Monday, January 7, 2008

2 loss national champion?

Our friends over at RollBamaRoll have a real good write up about the upcoming BCS National Championship. If you have some time, try and read the lengthy post.

Some key points:

  • "LSU is the first team with two regular season losses to ever play for a national championship in the history of college football. And when I say history of college football, I don't mean just since the BCS came into being, or even since the AP Poll came about. I mean literally the entire history of college football, dating back to the first college football game ever played between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869."
  • "After all, this was the exact same team that was annihilated by Florida in the 2006 national championship game, sans several stars, such as Troy Smith, Ted Ginn, Antonio Pittman, and others. Why should anyone have legitimately thought they were any better in 2007 without all of those players? The answer was simple, no one did, and it was and is a valid point."


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