Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bama adds another

Alabama added another commitment to the list today. Glenn Harbin a 6'6 250lb defensive end out of McGill Toolen (Mobile) commited. Here's what he had to say about Alabama: "I wanted to be part of something special and that's what this class is. I saw a lot of the Mobile guys going there and I've known those guys for a long time. I'm closest with Ivan Matchett and he was always talking about how great it was going to be." Things are definitely looking good for the years to come. We still have a pretty full board of people we want. Most of which will be committing on signing day. But one of our high priorities is Alonzo Lawrence and he is set to announce on Friday. Its between us Ole Miss and Miami. I would say we have the best shot with him considering Saban's history with DB's.

Rivals has an updated ranking list. We are currently number 3 behind Florida and Notre Dame. Florida came into Alabama and stole one of our top players. William Green from Spain Park. He was worried about going to school the day after committing to Florida. This is what he had to say : "I still have to go to school today, I'll probably be cussed and have stuff thrown at me," Green said only half jokingly. When asked if he was serious, he responded, "I'll probably get cussed out a little bit. I have random people calling me sometimes and cussing me out (for leaning to Florida)."

Here is the Rivals List I mentioned.


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