Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tide Starts 0-4 in SEC Play

The 66-56 loss earlier today to Mississippi State sends the Tide to 0-4 in conference play. Flat out we are not a well coached basketball team. Turnovers, poor shot selection, no hustle, the list goes on and on. We allowed State to knock down 12-26 from beyond the arc compared to our 2-14. State had a pretty good following that made the short drive over from Starkville. They shut our student section up pretty quick when we were chanting State Sucks, they fired back with 17-12. There is a good chance we will start conference play 0-6, with the next two games coming against an improved Auburn team and a National Title contender, the Tennessee Vols. Something must be done about Gottfried. He has gotten a stay of execution thanks to the Applewhite news but with that dying down, look for the heat turn up on Gottfried's seat. Anyone got any thoughts on Gottfried, fire'em up in the comments. ROLL TIDE.


At January 25, 2008 at 8:04 AM , Anonymous RollbigO said...

Basic coaching job from Gottfried. He has always been an awful coach, just had a couple of lucky, over talented teams that he still did nothing with. Don't tell me he "went to the elite eight" once. Yeah, but what has he done since. I mean it isn't like it was last year, or two or three years ago. Since then he has year in and year out proven he can not coach to the big dance, and if he gets there it is by the skin of his teeth. I am just saying what I have said for a while, we need a new Basketball coach. Just hope we can get one under 1 million.

At January 29, 2008 at 10:45 PM , Anonymous turkeywood said...

sec aint just a football conference anymore. gottfried is one heck of a recruiter. on second thought he may not be a good recruiter,the school may be responsible for the atheletes that come to's a fun school.i watched the game tonite and this guy can't coach.sorry,he seems like a nice guy,but he will never win anything except maybe an sec championship.the whole country was watching and you could'nt get it done.he should be very happy that he's at bama,this would'nt cut anywhere else.


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