Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mid-week Miscellaneous

The Alabama Rapsheet gives us a heads up on an article that will be ran in the Birmingham News tomorrow about Kevin Steele's interview with South Alabama.

Some rumors are flying over at Burnt Orange Nation about Applewhite might interested in the OC at Austin.

Kicker Corey Smith and receiver Chris Jackson will be joining the Capstone this Spring to hopefully get an edge before next season.

Here's the latest Men's SEC conference standings.

Problems on the Plains? Auburn better get some internal things settled soon.

200Saban, the year in review.

Who was the least penalized team in the SEC and fourth least penalty yards per game in the nation? "No amount of number-shifting changes the only number that matters — the 7-6 record — but it is interesting to see how the various numbers added up for Alabama this season."


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