Monday, February 11, 2008

2-7 with 7 to play

This weekend the men's basketball team fell to Kentucky to put us 2-7 in conference play. We currently have 7 games left hosting Ole Miss this Wednesday at 7:00 PM CST.

If you take a look at the remaining schedule, we'll have Ole Miss twice, South Carolina, Auburn, Arkansas, LSU and Vanderbilt. Given that one of the Ole Miss games are at home with also Arkansas and Vanderbilt, I'll say we can atleast pull off two of those three. We have a good chance of getting two more w's against LSU and Auburn again. It's going to be hard to beat Ole Miss twice, and even though South Carolina's record looks similar to ours, I think it will be tough to get them in Columbia.

So with that said, it looks like we could be finishing up 6-10 in the SEC with a total of 17-14 for the season giving us a winning percentage of .548 but with a .375 in the SEC. This would tie with the lowest winning percentage in conference play Mark Gottfried has had since his first season, 1999-2000, where the Tide went 13-16 total. This also might be the second time Coach Gottfried and the Tide might not see post season play.

Here's a look at the conference standings thus far:


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