Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bama Basketball dealt another big blow....

Richard Hendrix has decided to leave Tuscaloosa early and try his hand at the NBA draft. The All - SEC big man from Athens, Alabama says that he doesn't plan on signing with an agent, which would allow him to return to school if he doesn't like his draft options. This is definitely bad news for Gottfried considering Riley is lost to graduation and Steele is coming back after sitting out a whole season due to knee surgery. Hendrix seemed to be the most solid returning player. If Hendrix returns Alabama has a good shot at contending in the West next year. With Ronald Steele returning and his younger brother also joining the team.

I see Hendrix as being a late second rounder which isn't the right kind of money to leave college early for in my opinion. I think he will come back and improve his draft stock with a great senior year and possibly turn into a first round draft pick.


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