Thursday, March 6, 2008

Road Struggles continue.....

After last nights 80 - 74 loss to LSU Alabama finished with an embarrassing SEC road schedule of 0 - 8 and an overall SEC schedule of 4 - 11 heading into Saturday's match up with Vanderbilt. This has been a terrible season of basketball at Alabama. I think it may be time for Gottfried to go. Here is a few of his quotes after the game last night : "I'm encouraged," he said. "I'm not disappointed one bit with our team." Well Mark you should be. A 15 - 15 overall record is out right unbelievable. Until he stops his terrible high post offense we will continue to struggle playing half court games. We have one of the best post players in the SEC if not THE best. But he is always catching the ball at the high post and looking to pass. Mark that offense may of worked in the old days at UCLA but it will not work here. I know he will get another year because it isn't economical to fire him. And basically there just isn't enough of an uproar to cause Mal to do anything. Give us some of your thoughts ...


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