Saturday, November 10, 2007

Interesting comments...

Courtesy of Roll Bama Roll:

Depleted and Mediocre
Having a great head coach(that WILL do great things) does not overcome a depleted depth chart(minus 5 who break the rules at the expense of their team), and a quarterback that is mediocre at best. Why not cut our losses and give the other QB's a chance. JPW's days are numbered as being a starter anyway.

Just a thought...
If Wilson were even mediocre, we'd have beaten FSU and MSU. The way this kid has played the past two weeks, he needs a pair of damn good binoculars just to stare up at mediocre.

Good Point
He's not as good of a QB as Rush Propst is hiding a secret family.

Well, I suppose you have to figure that if Propst could cover up a secret family for like a decade, he could definitely cover up Wilson's crappy abilities for three years as a starter at Hoover.


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