Friday, November 2, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm

Today I have a feeling of giddyness, it is one like i have never felt before, except for the day before Christmas. Which in a way tomorrow could be just like Christmas. I will either get that gay teletubbie (Alabama Loss) or get the sweet new Xbox 360 fresh with the new Halo 3, yea the one with the actual helmet (Alabama win).
The quad is already packed with tents and it has been since about noon. Unlucky for us, the dumb racing team got our usual spot, but we are still in the same area as I just placed our tents fairly close to theirs and they will get over it. While we were out there the jets were practicing their flyover, which might I add was freaking awesome. Big thanks to Shelby and Brandon for saving the spots for us continuously. For those of you that don' t have the opportunity to be in town today, let me describe it for you. People are EVERYWHERE. I just drove by the Houndstooth a little bit ago and the patio is already packed. All along the river is covered with LSU RV's, so of course I gave my usual yelling of ROLL TIDE to them. I would encourage you all to do the same. We are about to head back to the quad to place the tables, chairs, tvs, etc. People that are coming into town tomorrow, I would suggest leave early. This town is going to be packed and getting around on campus will be near impossible. The word from the city is they are expecting 50,000 people in town that don't have tickets. Add that number to the people that do have tickets and you have a big mess of people. Well were heading out, look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. ROLL TIDE


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