Friday, November 2, 2007

Start the countdown

How did you feel at the start of the Tennessee game when you heard that five of our players including two starting guards and back up running back were going to be suspended for the game? I think by the middle of the third quarter you pretty much forgot all about it. Well, I don’t think these guys will be back anytime soon.

Did you know that 19 of LSU's players where recruited by Saban?

As you should know, we are heading to Atlanta if we win out. Who looks to be there for the east? ESPN says it might could end up a six way tie…
  • If Georgia loses to Auburn and to Kentucky
  • If Tennessee beats Arkansas and loses to Vanderbilt and Kentucky
  • If South Carolina loses to Arkansas and beats Florida
  • If Florida beats Vanderbilt and loses to South Carolina
  • If Kentucky loses to Vanderbilt and beats Tennessee and Georgia
  • And if Vanderbilt loses to Florida and beats Kentucky and Tennessee...

...The SEC East will have a six-way tie for the championship at 4-4.

It’s kind of hard to come up with anything more than what has to build up this game. But just in case anyone forgot how exciting the last time LSU came to Tuscaloosa…


At November 2, 2007 at 10:37 AM , Blogger Joey said...

Here's how I feel about the weekend in general:

I will start the day off by greeting Tommy Candler ... no other way will get us a V or a W, and we want a veedub this 3rd Day of November, 2007.

I will then proceed to poison myself into a coma with various liquors.

We will win and I won't know it or remember it.


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