Monday, January 14, 2008

Good News Monday....

We got two very good pieces of information today. BamaOnline is reporting that Antoine Caldwell has decided to stay at the Capstone for his senior season. He said his decision was based heavily on some unfinished business. This decision means we will only be losing one offensive linemen from this years starting squad,Justin Britt. So hopefully we can finally get some consistency along the front. The other piece of news is Burton Scott our 5 star commit from Mobile is back from a visit to Auburn and is still solid on Bama. He plans to make a few other visits to Miami, Florida, and Ole Miss. He said he is firmly committed to the tide. He wants to enjoy the process of being a highly sought after recruit and just taking the visit for fun. Either way I don't like it. 18 year olds can change their minds pretty quick.

On another note we no longer have to deal with the two headed monster of Jones and McFadden at Arkansas. They have both decided to forgo their senior season and go to the NFL. Espn Reported Friday that Mcfadden was leaving and it came out today that Jones was leaving also. I know that there are a few defensive coordinators that will sleep a little better tonight and one coach that won't, Bobby Petrino. Ha sucks for you Bobby.


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