Friday, August 22, 2008

Most Annoying SEC Fans

Thanks to Lunceford, the intern from the roundtable, we now know who everyone hates the most

1. LSU - Never fails that the purple and yellow, tiger print pimp suits are out in full force, no matter where they go. The bengal tigers live it up everywhere they go, and cook the greatest food ever, yet never share. Les Miles has spent his pre-season rapping with Snoop Dogg instead of coaching football like your previous coach did for you. You flaunt that NC ring in our faces, as we see the setup for nothing this year. LSU fans and Mike the Tiger just can't stand the fact that Nick Saban left the coonass nation to come to a place that bleeds crimson and white, and not Jack Daniels.

2. Tennessee - The cheating fat Phil's live for the 8 win season, hell they even made it mandatory in the whale's contract. UcheaT wants nothing more than to expose everyone else cheating and act like they are innocent. Nothing would upset them more than to lose to Alabama and Auburn both this year, and go under that mark. Good luck finishing top 4 this the East.

3. Auburn - Not a surprise, the "other" team from Alabama sits down south, and lives off their half of a national championship, while doing nothing but holding up a damn 6 next to Alabama's 12 rings. You know what, I'll give you a NC in 2004, but then allow me to show you Alabama's 5 additional NC's that we shared with people. Auburn fans have nothing of their own but copy everything the "original" has to offer. They don't have their own song to play back after they beat us, but rather a crappy version of the Rammer Jammer. Auburn will always play second fiddle in the long run, yet the number 6 for now holds more than anything else in their life. When Auburn reaches that pinnacle of success, and they can turn that win over Alabama into something worth a damn such as a National Championship, then we'll talk.

4. To find out where Alabama and other SEC schools rank follow me...


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