Friday, February 15, 2008

When the ignorant douche bags of the world open their mouth

If you haven't already been informed, some attention has been drawn to Alabama and Coach Saban with accusations of intentionally over signing during this seasons recruiting class and will have to cut players off scholarships.

It all starts with an article from the Montgomery Advertiser.

It all could have been let go easy, but then we have the ignorant douche bag that decides he wants to open his mouth.... and find out his eyes are bigger than his stomach.

He extends some garbage of an article here. (From the looks of this guy, the only thing he could qualify to have remotely any knowledge on would be World of Warcraft)

Our friends at RollBamaRoll decide to reply with a tasteful piece.

Ignorant douche bag whines about his ignorance.

RollBamaRoll sets him in his place. (warning: foul language)

I hate that there are going to be people that are completely unqualified to attack the school and fans of Alabama as we begin our success that we are working hard for. I guess it just makes that success so much sweeter.


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