Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alabama Vs. Temply Review

My first blog, so stick with me.
Review of the game.

This game looked ugly. The only bright spot was Javier Arenas’ punt return for 87 yards for a touchdown. Then Javier got hurt in the third quarter. He ended up with 212 return yards by the way, a school record. Another bright spot was that Nick Saban got his 100th career college victory as a coach. Here is the game by the numbers

Alabama had 73 yards passing, 99 yards rushing with a total of 172 yards
Tulane had 232 yards passing, 86 yards rushing with a total of 318 yards

Tulane also dominated the time of possession 36:35 to 23:25.
If we had played a better team they would have beaten us with those numbers

JP continues to not look the greatest, in my opinion. He has yet to complete a pass for over 25 yards and according to ESPN’s projections for this year he would end up with 1300 less yards by the end of the year. He is showing some maturity in that he has finally shown that he has learned to throw the ball away when no one is open. He is also making some smart decisions on whom to throw the ball to and the long pass missed by Julio in the first quarter shows that he does have a good arm. He just needs the touch. The O-line was unfortunately very familiar to last years during this game, allowing 4 sacks. That is not a good sign, but Andre was out…He is unlikely to return for the next game, and Marlon Davis also was hurt.

To Tulane, we hope you are able to recover from the last hurricane and good luck with the season. It looks like it is going to be a very active hurricane season

About the game day

I have a problem with the University of Alabama. They have consciously increased the difficulty for fans to have fun. They have made it so hard to tailgate. You can’t drop stuff off after 1000. Parking is almost non existent. They have added multiple generators to the quad and yet are limiting power usage even more. After 20 minutes trying all the old spots to park, and driving by an empty parking deck designated for handicap people only (How many handicap people actually come to the game and park that far way—near Shelby), we parked a short 20 minute walk, with all our stuff, to our tailgating spot. Did I mention that the event staff are the most unhelpful people I have ever met. One lady even remarked that she couldn’t help and tell us where we could go she just knew we couldn’t stay here. These are people the University are paying to help things go more smoothly.

Any way a win is a win. We are 2-0 going into this week against Western Kentucky. Should be 3-0 when we go into Arkansas. We have to continue to Finish. This is something we did do against a struggling Tulane, who by the way hasn’t beaten Alabama since 1958, and haven’t won in Tuscaloosa since 1900.


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