Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bama Hoops Drinking Game

I know that we only have five games left and it's not looking too good. Earlier I posted that we had a good chance of going 6-10 in the conference. I hope that comes true. But with that, let's add a little fun to the end of the season by starting the Bama Hoops Drinking Game...

Take one sip (or half shot liquor applicable) if:
  • The game is televised via Raycom Sports
  • Opposing team has a turnover
  • Alabama hits a three
  • Alabama takes a timeout
  • Opposing team gets a foul
  • Alabama gets up by five
  • Alabama gets down by five
  • An Alabama player gets fouled
  • Any player gets a chest bump from another player
  • Any player gets a high five from another player

Take two sips (or full shot liquor applicable) if:

  • Alabama player makes a dunk
  • Alabama gets up by ten
  • Alabama gets down by ten
  • The camera pans the cheerleaders
  • The camera pans the dance team
  • The camera pans the Mark's Madness crowd
  • The camera shows Gottfried with one arm crossed and the other on the chin
  • An Alabama player gets fouled and one

Take three sips (or one and half shot liquor applicable) if:

  • An Alabama player misses a dunk
  • The camera pans the band
  • Gottfried takes off his jacket
  • Gottfried puts his jacket back on
  • Any player gets a butt slap from another player
  • The towel boy comes out to mop up sweat on the floor
  • Intentional foul is called

Take four sips (or two shots liquor applicable) if:

  • Any player fouls out
  • Technical foul is called
  • Announcer talks about football
  • Senior John Dill gets playing time
  • The camera pans the guy from Mark's Madness with the crimson blazer

Chug a beer (two gulps from the bottle liquor applicable) if:

  • Alabama loses
  • Alabama wins


At February 19, 2008 at 2:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it just be easier to drink a bottle or alcohol or drink a half case of your favorite spirits?


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