Sunday, October 5, 2008

Would-a could-a's leave Cats scratching their heads

Well, if you watched the game you realized the lackluster of the day. We really didn’t look good. Call it Georgia hangover, or call it being tired or what ever you want, but like Coach has been saying all year, we have to finish. Way to go Glenn Coffee, amazing game with 218 yards. Don’t look now, but Coffee is set up to have a phenomenal year. ESPN predicts that he will have over 1400 yards rushing this year, and he has already had three games that he had runs over 50 yards. We were lucky to be able to ride that work horse all day long. He also got the ESPN helmet sticker for the SEC. These are pretty amazing stats considering we have 2 other backs that are clicking pretty well right now. JP got a little shaky after being hit, but who wouldn’t have after having “post traumatic Capps disorder” (PTCD) after last years beatings. Let’s just hope that Andre Smith’s counseling continues to work. Here are Saban’s thoughts on the game. I do feel that the refs were not very good this week. I haven’t been able to re-watch the game, but with me being there it didn’t appear that we committed that many penalties. Just a quick shout out to Vandy, 5-0 for the first time since “WWII” (thanks to stars and stripes). Well done guys, keep it up. Anyway, back to what is important, BAMA won (6-0), Auburn lost (you gotta love that) and we didn’t drop in the polls (we remain #2 in AP and #4 in USA today). We are now down to 3 teams in the top ten, but we still have 6 teams in the top 25. Oklahoma has Texas coming up this week, and just because of my cousin GO LONGHORNS. I mean I really don’t care who wins, this is only week 6. Missou should not have jumped LSU. I mean this idea that you drop after having a bye week is crazy. Looking forward to this weekend of a bye week and letting some other people beat up on themselves. Look for Georgia to beat the pants off Tenn. Lets look to Ole Miss in 2 weeks. This could very well be a land mine, worse than this week. Ole miss also has a bye week this week. Watch out for Dexter McCluster is a dangerous player, with touchdowns both rushing and passing. Lets see. RTR


At October 6, 2008 at 10:15 AM , Blogger David (Big O) said...

Sorry, I stated Tenn didn't play. They did win against a tough Northern Ill. team. By the way best sign of Gameday "Todd loves old man gregs mangina". Gotta love those witty Vandy people


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