Wednesday, October 14, 2009

6 Down...6 To Go

We are half way through the 2009 season and I think the one word that comes to mind is...


In the past three games, our defense has been nothing short of spectacular. Our problem of giving up 1-2 big plays was corrected against the Rebels, and I hope corrected for good. Not only is our defense talented and well coached, but they seem to almost always be in position to make big plays. Just take a look at the Kentucky and Ole Miss games to see examples of this.

Rolando McClain is preparing himself to be a top 10 pick, and that spot could climb higher in the weeks to come. The only way I could see him returning is to win a National Championship. But still, I think we have so much talent that he will make the leap and let the younger guys play next year. Who would have thought that our front seven would be even more amazing with Hightower out? I honestly think it is superior coaching and preparation combined with McClain making sure everyone is in position.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the great play by Mark Ingram during all of this. Even when it seemed like Ole Miss had our number, Ingram found a way to score before the half. That was most likely the nail in the coffin for the Rebels. Ingram is playing as well as any other RB in the nation right now and I think he will continue to get better and better each week. Don't worry...Julio will get his catches and TDs...

Which brings me to this weekend. It's Homecoming in Tuscaloosa and we play the Gamecocks of South Carolina. They have a good defense and a QB who seems to be playing better each week. I think we will win because we are just simply better. The spread right now is around 17 points in favor of the good guys and I don't think that will be very tough to reach. We should be able to rattle Garcia and I am hoping that our offense will find more success than they had against Ole Miss. Should be a good one...night games in Bryant-Denny are always fun. Kickoff is at 6:45 PM Central on ESPN. Hope to see you all on the Quad this Saturday!

Check out for details on the Homecoming events.

Bama: 38
USCe: 10



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