Sunday, November 2, 2008

Were Number 1!!!!!!

Just seemed the right title. So if you didn’t know, we are the BCS # 1 for the first time this year. I really do not want to be number 1, I liked number 2. We were hailed for not being that good. Even during the Florida/Georgia beat down they stated that Florida would rather play an unbeaten Alabama team in the SEC championship. I know Coach Saban will squash any thought that we are number one (Sighting past comments, and looking at what we have done in not finishing). Way to go guys with the last two games. Your domination of Tennessee was impressive, especially the way you finished. Thanks for the first shut out since 2005 this weekend in beating the Red Wolves ( Former Indians). Great job Ingram (12 carries, 113 yards.) and Julio and Marquis Maze looked pretty good to. Yet again we finished a game, looking stronger in the second half than in the first. ( We are 37-6 in the second half in the last two games). Now for the pessimistic look that you have been waiting for. We play a real team this week in LSU. JP was still 15/28. Didn’t hit a pass for over 25 yards, and looked shaky at times. The good news is he looks better than even 3 weeks ago. LSU is not as bad as they looked against Georgia. They will score over 20 points in this game. We have to play our game. Keep their offense off the field and let our defense rest. Mount Cody will hopefully be back this week. All we need in to win two out of the three remaining games to go to the SEC championship game. If you look at the rankings, with the new rank of Florida at 4, it sets up for the SEC championship to be the precursor to the (game that will not be spoken of). I will caution, we have been here before, 9-0, LSU at home, lost next two games and went to play Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. LSU is a major game, we all know this. I hope we don’t fall asleep for MSU also. ROLL TIDE ROLL. Great job guys, lets just keep finishing. Just a side note, Texas Tech looks like the fastest thing in the Big 12. They made Texas look like a joke.


At November 6, 2008 at 9:01 PM , Blogger Mike Tierney said...

I want to pick LSU over Alabama. I really do. Sometimes, you can just smell an upset coming. Let's see if my nostrils are deceiving me.
1. Tigers fans, notoriously intimidating under normal circumstances, will unleash flat-out hatred for Bama coach Nick Saban. )Which I don't get. The guy delivered a national title to Bayou country.) The Crimson Tide are unbeaten on the road. (Not to mention at home.)
2. LSU has the No. 1 rusher in the SEC, based on yards per carry: Charles Scott (6.7). The Crimson Tide has the next best: Glen Coffee (6.6).
3. LSU ranks third in the SEC in rushing defense. Bama's offensive line averages 308 pounds per man and creates holes that an elephant could burst through.
4. LSU has allowed 50 points in two of its games. No. 1-ranked teams are 2-2 the past four weeks.
5. Tigers premier linebacker Darry Beckwith is back from injury. The Tide's ferocious nose tackle, Terrance Cody, is expected back from injury.
For each point, there is a counter-point. I think the difference will be (a.) Bama's cool quarterback, John Parker Wilson, and LSU redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee, who has thrown five picks returned for touchdowns, and (b.) Nick Saban somehow outfoxing the estimable Les Miles with a team relying on only nine scholarship seniors.
Bama by a touchdown.

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