Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009 Pre-Season Thoughts

It took Wallace Wade 3 years...
It took Frank Thomas 4 years...
It took Bear Bryant 4 years...
It took Gene Stallings 3 years...

Wallace and Bryant won their first National Titles in odd years ('25 and '61)
Thomas and Stallings won their first in even years ('34 and '92)

Nick Saban almost got 'er done in his second year at the Capstone, but a legendary 4th Quarter comeback led by Tim Tebow took the wind out of our season completely. It reminded me a lot of the 2005 season after losing to LSU, we just had no drive to finish the season.

I think this year will be completely different. Our players have confidence, not in their past accomplishments, but rather in their drive to finish. Coach Saban has praised this team more than the previous two combined. That says a lot about their commitment to buy into his philosophy and that everyone appears to be on the same page.

The season begins in Atlanta against arguably the toughest team in the ACC, Virginia Tech. This game has the chance to be a defensive struggle, but that all depends on how well the Tide can do on first down as well as keeping Tech from making big plays on offense. My heart tells me the Tide will come away with a comfortable win, but my gut tells me it will come down to the last 5 to 7 minutes in the fourth quarter. If Alabama leaves the GA Dome with a W, look for them to have a repeat of the first half of the '08 season. Our odd year schedule usually gives us the best opportunities to win the West since we play LSU and Arkansas at home...and unless the Mississippi schools deliver we should win there too. Auburn is down about as low as ever so a good Tide team should be able to run over the Tigers in Jordan-Hare.

The talent is there to make a run for another SEC West Division Championship, it will simply rely on execution and the ability to stay injury-free to make it happen. I like this team, and I like where we are as a program right now. I can't wait to see you guys on the Quad in just over 3 weeks and I hope we can raise a glass to the Crimson Tide being 1-0!


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At August 21, 2009 at 2:22 PM , Anonymous Jeremiah C said...

I havent done anything at work for the past week and a half because I am so excited. All I do is watch Bama video's on YouTube, and google Bama images. I cant wait to see everyone on the quad! I think we should get shirts made this year. But not those homo MMA type graphic T's.

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