Sunday, October 12, 2008

WOW what a weekend for college football

First of all, thank you Texas and Oklahoma State. I hate it for you Vandy ( I still really dislike old Croony), and I wish Florida would have fell on their face. Now that was said, I am extremely glad we still are hanging #2 in the AP poll and we are also #2 in USA poll. I like # 2. People are still saying that we are overrated and that we are ranked to high and I like that. I am sure Coach Saban thinks that also. Check out this site,, thanks Memphis Tider,. If you want a great read, check out this Auburn site. Man isn’t funny how they preach patients, and that we “Bamers” are quick on the trigger and their own coach has canned 2 offensive coordinators two years, middle of the year, in a row. Gotta love it. If you check out the ESPN home page you see we are not mentioned anywhere. That is great to me. Let everyone pay attention to the Weak12, and ignore us. We have to finish and I feel that Coach will have the team clicking. 6-0 at the beginning of the season would have been a dream, and we just need to be weary of a fall. Ole Miss is definatley a bomb waiting to happen. Mainly we don’t know which team is going to show up, be it the team that beat Florida, or lost to Wake Forest, SC or Vandy. Lets just see.


At October 14, 2008 at 3:59 PM , Blogger Brandon "I Want 13" Yow said...

I think it's time we lay down the smack on Ole Miss. We haven't beaten them by more than 3 points since 2004. Interestingly...all of those 3 point wins came in the Coach O years. Maybe the change in coach will be what pads our spread this year. One can only hope.



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