Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feels Like Football

Finally...it feels like football here in God's country. After weeks of hot, humid, and rainy weather we have that cool crisp in the air. It made for some great tailgating this past weekend and I am hoping for the same this coming weekend.

First, a recap from Homecoming. The Tide defense continues to impress by keeping another SEC opponent from putting the ball in the end zone. South Carolina was only able to put 6 points on the board by making 2 out of 3 field goals. As bad as our offense looked...we were able to still win by 14 points, thanks to a defensive touchdown care of Mark Barron. As of right now...no other team in the SEC can say they have won every game this year by double digits...and that includes the Gators down in Florida.

Mark Ingram is a legit Heisman candidate in my opinion. He proved that this pas weekend. South Carolina has a darn good defense, but they just couldn't bring 'ol number 22 down. I just hate that he only scored one TD the whole game. Running for almost 250 yards against an SEC defense is practically unheard of. And he did it on a continuous basis...not just a few long runs like Ben Tate did against Arkansas. Ingram is the truth...and I hope he continues to stay healthy and improve.

Which brings us to this Saturday...the Third (err Fourth) Saturday in October. Many consider Tennessee to be Alabama's number one rival. I am not going to get into that...but I will admit that beating Tennessee just gives a certain level of satisfaction that no other team can. This will be Lane Kiffin's first time in Bryant-Denny...and we ought to give him a hearty welcome. If he thinks Florida was going to give him a tough game...he ain't seen nothin' yet. Ask Arkansas, Kentucky, Ole Miss, and South Carolina.

If we can keep Crompton uncomfortable, it could get ugly for the Vols. Sure they have a great RB, but a few hits from our front seven and he won't be hitting those holes as quickly as before. The Vols have a good defense, but I think this is the turning point for the Tide offense. GMac will have a banner day and Ingram continues to wear other teams down. The score might be a tad close at halftime...but the Tide pours it on in the second half.

Don't forget to bring your cigars on Saturday.

Bama: 31
Tenn: 13


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