Monday, October 6, 2008

Look what the Voters have done!!!!

Worse team in the top ten goes to… BYU. I mean come on voters, how in the world are you voting a team into the top ten who has played such a bad schedule as BYU. Their opponents are 8-18, with Washington at 0-5 (and they barely squeaked that one out 28-27) and three other teams with a losing record so far. I mean come on, you drop Georgia after a bye week, and now you are placing a team like BYU in the top ten. Well yes they did beat a UCLA team that beat a horrible Tennessee team, which just a side note UCLA and USC are currently tied in the PAC 10, ( man that is a tough conference). UCLA is 2-3 after they played Tennessee. Just looking at their schedule I am afraid that BYU is going to get the courtesy nod all the way to the top 5, since their hardest game is going to be the currently ranked #14 Utah at the end of the year. That is a bad thing if they end up there.


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