Monday, October 6, 2008

Preseason Preview Review (New Mid Season Preview)

At the turn I thought I would recap my season preview posted back in August. I know most of you are surprised at what this season has brought so far. However, surprised not of astonished by wonder, but surprised that of experiencing the pleasant feelings caused by something good that was unexpected or unanticipated.

To recap the first six:


I said what better way to make a statement. Little did I know what statement we were going to make (e.g. Clemson - 0 rushing yards)!
Prediction: Clemson 21, Alabama 10
Actual: Alabama 34, Clemson 10


I said stated that this would be a "complete" game. Direct opposite.
Prediction: Alabama 27, Tulane 6
Actual: Alabama 20, Tulane 6


Pretty much known.
Prediction: Alabama 45, W. Kentucky 7
Actual: Alabama 41, W. Kentucky 7


Like I said, it's going to be a tough year for Arkansas.
Prediction: Alabama 31, Arkansas 14
Actual: Alabama 49, Arkansas 14


It has never felt so good to be so wrong.
Prediction: Georgia 21, Alabama 17
Actual: Alabama 41, Georgia 30


Really wanted better. Never would of had Kentucky coming in to the game undefeated.
Prediction: Alabama 35, Kentucky 7
Actual: Alabama 17, Kentucky 14

So with that, I would like to revise my second half season preview with a mid season preview with what I have learned thus far.

Mid-season Preview:


We knew they would be struggling, but didn't think they would pull off at Florida. Still thinking we will hold strong throughout the game.
Was: Alabama 24, Mississippi 3
Now: Alabama 27, Mississippi 10


I stated it won't be the 41-17 of last year. Now I'm thinking it could be worse.
Was: Alabama 24, Tennessee 21
Now: Alabama 35, Tennessee 14


Might as well played Western Kentucky again.
No Change: Alabama 38, Arkansas State 6


The team has proven they show up for big games and this atmosphere is going to more tough that of Athens. I do not think LSU will be undefeated at this point, but I think they will put up a good fight.
Was: LSU 17, Alabama 14
Now: Alabama 17, LSU 14


I'm feeling another win like 2005 but at home.
No Change: Alabama 17, MSU 0


Words will not express.
No Change: Alabama 21, Auburn 12

ALABAMA (12-0 overall; 8-0 conference)


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