Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gotta Love those stats.

You all may have seen these stats, but I haven't.
The 3rd ranked Alabama is averaging:
42.3 points/game- personally the best I have seen in years
25.3 First downs/game
512.4 yards/game (267.7 rushing & 244.7 Passing)
As per
This may be due to what Coach Saban is calling the pistol formation. See above link.
That is all I have to add for now. See you all Saturday on the QUAD. RMFT

Monday, September 21, 2009


Third game of the season is in the books. The Crimson Tide is 3-0...just like we were last year.

Let's take a look at this point in the season last year.

Alabama was 3-0 with wins against Clemson, Tulane, and Western Kentucky. The results were almost identical to this year. The only main differences are that VA Tech was much more of a challenge than Clemson was and we were able to put FIU away unlike last year against Tulane where special teams accounted for pretty much every point we scored. So, for right now it looks like we are on par or slightly ahead of schedule when compared to last year.

Now we look forward to Arkansas. It can be said that in the past decade, the Alabama/Arkansas game has been the litmus test each team used to determine how ready they are for SEC play. We have seen some great games over the past ten years and some pretty good teams came out of those games.

Arkansas looks to have a very good passing game this year while their running game is still struggling post-McFadden. So, since they are already fairly one-dimensional, it should be easier to force them into situations that hopefully create turnovers. Last year our defense scored two touchdowns off of INTs as well as keeping the Hogs out of the end zone with a goal line stand right before the half. Can we expect the same this coming weekend? I doubt we will get that many points on defense but I do expect us to keep them out of the end zone running the ball up the middle.

If our offense can continue to be both efficient and effective, I think we get the W in Tuscaloosa this weekend. We should have Julio back and we now have a stable of receivers that have the confidence to make big plays when we need them to. We also have a proven RB in Trent Richardson. This will be his first chance at an SEC defense, but I have a feeling he is ready for the challenge, just like Ingram was last year.

So bring on the Hogs...should make for some great tailgating permitting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two Down...

So we are 2 weeks into the 2009 season...and we are 2-0. I can't say that everything has been perfect so far...but it has been fun to watch. One thing that strikes me about this team is that they truly are the best 4th Quarter team that I have seen in years. Last year's team was big on getting out in front early...and just hanging on for wins. This year's team seems to struggle or coast early and then let the hammer down in the second half.

On Offense:

Greg McElroy is setting himself up to be a great QB when he hangs up his cleats at UA. I know he's only 2 games into his career, but he already shows signs of leadership and determination. Mark Ingram is the kind of RB that you want on your team. He never wants to give up and he gets stronger and stronger as the game goes on. Julio Jones is just better than everyone else...and he's only played 16 games of college football. If we can find ways to get him the ball he will win us games that would normally be close. Trent Richardson is the real deal. He is as talented as any other freshman RB this sport has ever seen. The trick will be getting him the ball and blocking for him. I am guessing he also needs to work on his own blocking as it seems he was taken out on passing plays this past weekend. Colin Peek is everything you want in a TE. He's fast, huge, a great blocker, runs great routes, and he has hands like a WR. Mike McCoy, Darius Hanks, and Marquis Maze have proven that if you only pay attention to Julio will get burned this year. The OL, once adjustments are made, seem to be doing just fine. I expect them to be near 100% ready by the time the Hogs roll into town.

On Defense:

Terrence Cody demands double teams which is the reason he is so valuable. Marcel Dareus is the most explosive DE I think we've seen in Tuscaloosa in almost 2 decades. He will be the difference maker once we get to SEC play. Donta'a Hightower is even better than last year...which is amazing. I think he will lead the team in sacks this year and could possibly pass Brandon Spikes for a spot on the 1st Team All-SEC roster if both continue their current trends. Rolando McClain is physically and mentally ready for the NFL and he proves it every snap. If he stays healthy he will win the Butkus. Javier Arenas hasn't been tested too much as a DB...but that is probably because his guys are never open...which is his job. His tackling so far as been right on par with last year. Mark Barron hits harder than anyone else on the team and he also has our only INT if I am correct. I have a feeling he will end up in a Daniel Moore painting before he is through at Alabama.

Jim McElwain has been superb in his preparation as well as adjustments made during the games. I hope he keeps this up. Kirby Smart has this defense hungrier than ever and I don't think he will rest until we get back to Atlanta and finish what we should have last December. Nick Saban continues to impress. I think the reason he is so successful is that he holds himself and his team to higher standards than we do, even us crazy fans. I don't want to get ahead of myself...but I wonder what pose they will use for his statue outside of Bryant-Denny.

Here we are...going into week 3. We should beat North Texas, not only because we are a better team, but because our guys give nothing less than their best every snap. It's something the 2007 team didn't know how to do. Last year's team did it, but they had nowhere near the talent of this team. I've said it before and I will say it again...until we lose I expect us to go undefeated.