Monday, October 20, 2008

7-0 (4-0). What more can you say?

Thank God we are number 2. This weekend was not the prettiest of games, but in the words of Coach Saban “Any win in this conference is important.” Ole Miss was no shim-sham team, so it was a good win. Our problem is still the second half. Ole Miss pretty much dominated everything in the statistics world. Ole Miss was 359 to our 326 total yards and held our running game to under 110 yards. They also won TOP by 10 seconds. We also allowed points for the first time this game and also trailed for the first time this year in this game. JP did throw for season high 219 yards, let’s hope he can keep that up with out the interceptions. And what about MOUNT CODY. Updates are saying he will be out for 2-4 weeks with a strained MCL. Lets hope that doesn’t hurt us to bad. Loved seeing him as a fullback though. Saban’s post game interview is hilarious if you haven’t seen it. This is a short what is going on. I will post a little later for a Fat Phil review. Way to go Tampa Bay “Devil” Rays.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

WOW what a weekend for college football

First of all, thank you Texas and Oklahoma State. I hate it for you Vandy ( I still really dislike old Croony), and I wish Florida would have fell on their face. Now that was said, I am extremely glad we still are hanging #2 in the AP poll and we are also #2 in USA poll. I like # 2. People are still saying that we are overrated and that we are ranked to high and I like that. I am sure Coach Saban thinks that also. Check out this site,, thanks Memphis Tider,. If you want a great read, check out this Auburn site. Man isn’t funny how they preach patients, and that we “Bamers” are quick on the trigger and their own coach has canned 2 offensive coordinators two years, middle of the year, in a row. Gotta love it. If you check out the ESPN home page you see we are not mentioned anywhere. That is great to me. Let everyone pay attention to the Weak12, and ignore us. We have to finish and I feel that Coach will have the team clicking. 6-0 at the beginning of the season would have been a dream, and we just need to be weary of a fall. Ole Miss is definatley a bomb waiting to happen. Mainly we don’t know which team is going to show up, be it the team that beat Florida, or lost to Wake Forest, SC or Vandy. Lets just see.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just in case you didn’t know

Franklin out as Auburn’s offensive coordinator. Boy they didn’t let him even try. Looks like old Tommy is covering his butt. This is from the man who claimed he is all about the coaching staff. Way to go Tommy, way to go.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hank, why do we drink?

Job well done Vandy, job well done....

Auburn kicker Wes Byrum (18) misses an extra point try

Preseason Preview Review (New Mid Season Preview)

At the turn I thought I would recap my season preview posted back in August. I know most of you are surprised at what this season has brought so far. However, surprised not of astonished by wonder, but surprised that of experiencing the pleasant feelings caused by something good that was unexpected or unanticipated.

To recap the first six:


I said what better way to make a statement. Little did I know what statement we were going to make (e.g. Clemson - 0 rushing yards)!
Prediction: Clemson 21, Alabama 10
Actual: Alabama 34, Clemson 10


I said stated that this would be a "complete" game. Direct opposite.
Prediction: Alabama 27, Tulane 6
Actual: Alabama 20, Tulane 6


Pretty much known.
Prediction: Alabama 45, W. Kentucky 7
Actual: Alabama 41, W. Kentucky 7


Like I said, it's going to be a tough year for Arkansas.
Prediction: Alabama 31, Arkansas 14
Actual: Alabama 49, Arkansas 14


It has never felt so good to be so wrong.
Prediction: Georgia 21, Alabama 17
Actual: Alabama 41, Georgia 30


Really wanted better. Never would of had Kentucky coming in to the game undefeated.
Prediction: Alabama 35, Kentucky 7
Actual: Alabama 17, Kentucky 14

So with that, I would like to revise my second half season preview with a mid season preview with what I have learned thus far.

Mid-season Preview:


We knew they would be struggling, but didn't think they would pull off at Florida. Still thinking we will hold strong throughout the game.
Was: Alabama 24, Mississippi 3
Now: Alabama 27, Mississippi 10


I stated it won't be the 41-17 of last year. Now I'm thinking it could be worse.
Was: Alabama 24, Tennessee 21
Now: Alabama 35, Tennessee 14


Might as well played Western Kentucky again.
No Change: Alabama 38, Arkansas State 6


The team has proven they show up for big games and this atmosphere is going to more tough that of Athens. I do not think LSU will be undefeated at this point, but I think they will put up a good fight.
Was: LSU 17, Alabama 14
Now: Alabama 17, LSU 14


I'm feeling another win like 2005 but at home.
No Change: Alabama 17, MSU 0


Words will not express.
No Change: Alabama 21, Auburn 12

ALABAMA (12-0 overall; 8-0 conference)

Look what the Voters have done!!!!

Worse team in the top ten goes to… BYU. I mean come on voters, how in the world are you voting a team into the top ten who has played such a bad schedule as BYU. Their opponents are 8-18, with Washington at 0-5 (and they barely squeaked that one out 28-27) and three other teams with a losing record so far. I mean come on, you drop Georgia after a bye week, and now you are placing a team like BYU in the top ten. Well yes they did beat a UCLA team that beat a horrible Tennessee team, which just a side note UCLA and USC are currently tied in the PAC 10, ( man that is a tough conference). UCLA is 2-3 after they played Tennessee. Just looking at their schedule I am afraid that BYU is going to get the courtesy nod all the way to the top 5, since their hardest game is going to be the currently ranked #14 Utah at the end of the year. That is a bad thing if they end up there.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Would-a could-a's leave Cats scratching their heads

Well, if you watched the game you realized the lackluster of the day. We really didn’t look good. Call it Georgia hangover, or call it being tired or what ever you want, but like Coach has been saying all year, we have to finish. Way to go Glenn Coffee, amazing game with 218 yards. Don’t look now, but Coffee is set up to have a phenomenal year. ESPN predicts that he will have over 1400 yards rushing this year, and he has already had three games that he had runs over 50 yards. We were lucky to be able to ride that work horse all day long. He also got the ESPN helmet sticker for the SEC. These are pretty amazing stats considering we have 2 other backs that are clicking pretty well right now. JP got a little shaky after being hit, but who wouldn’t have after having “post traumatic Capps disorder” (PTCD) after last years beatings. Let’s just hope that Andre Smith’s counseling continues to work. Here are Saban’s thoughts on the game. I do feel that the refs were not very good this week. I haven’t been able to re-watch the game, but with me being there it didn’t appear that we committed that many penalties. Just a quick shout out to Vandy, 5-0 for the first time since “WWII” (thanks to stars and stripes). Well done guys, keep it up. Anyway, back to what is important, BAMA won (6-0), Auburn lost (you gotta love that) and we didn’t drop in the polls (we remain #2 in AP and #4 in USA today). We are now down to 3 teams in the top ten, but we still have 6 teams in the top 25. Oklahoma has Texas coming up this week, and just because of my cousin GO LONGHORNS. I mean I really don’t care who wins, this is only week 6. Missou should not have jumped LSU. I mean this idea that you drop after having a bye week is crazy. Looking forward to this weekend of a bye week and letting some other people beat up on themselves. Look for Georgia to beat the pants off Tenn. Lets look to Ole Miss in 2 weeks. This could very well be a land mine, worse than this week. Ole miss also has a bye week this week. Watch out for Dexter McCluster is a dangerous player, with touchdowns both rushing and passing. Lets see. RTR