Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Houndstooth close to reopening.....

I was passed along some pictures today of the NEW houndstooth. I thought I would share them with you guys. I'm not exactly sure of the reopen date. I have heard that it is this Friday August 1. If anyone can either confirm or deny that I would appreciate it. Well either way here are the pics..... It looks phenomenal might I add.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Season Preview

Attempting to remain objective though staring wearily through crimson colored spectacles since 2008

July 28, 2008

You know, back in the day, good college football teams would schedule worthwhile meaningful opponents for the first game or all of the games of the year. Then there was a stretch where the out of conference games that Alabama scheduled were creampuffs like, for instance, Louisiana Monroe. Ummmm. Would it not make sense to schedule a good team to lose to rather than a bad team? Clemson has a ton of returning starters on offense and Alabama has few returning starters on defense. Clemson 35 Alabama 24

Alabama’s record after this game: 0-1

This game is a tad intriguing for many reasons; just none seem to come to mind. Alabama should prevail unless they fall asleep or fail to awake from the coma that Clemson puts them in. Alabama 35 Tulane 17

Alabama is 1-1

Hopefully this game will not be a repeat of the Louisiana Monroe travesty that was a year ago. This is a significantly weaker program than Alabama and Alabama should win if the ball is snapped. Alabama 52 Western Kentucky 10

Alabama is 2-1


The litmus test of the season is often a trip to Arkansas. However, this was not the case last year when in the last seconds Alabama came back to beat a loaded Arkansas. (This was after surrendering a three touchdown lead). The rest of the year went downhill, with exception of Tennessee, from John Parker Wilson’s remarkable throw and Matt Caddell’s amazing catch in the back of the end zone. This game stands to be a challenge, but it will be Petrino’s first season and it should be one in transition. Alabama 31 Arkansas 21

Alabama is 3-1


Athens proves to be a place not unlike Tuscaloosa. The major industry there is the university and that makes for some analogues to Tuscaloosa. Additionally, both teams have some similarities. John Parker Wilson and Matthew Stafford are both experienced gunslingers that have shown some inconsistencies in the past. Moreno and Grant are both sophomores that rely on their elusiveness more so than their power. The receiving corps for both teams are both pretty much young with no real proven “go to” man. However, on the defensive side of the ball, the Georgia Bulldogs are much more formidable. This game could pan out a few different ways and one of those ways is not Alabama winning in a blowout. Georgia 28 Alabama 10

Alabama is 3-2


This game will mark the half-way point of the season. Alabama will either be 3-3 or 4-2 with the latter significantly better than the previous. Kentucky lost many starters and their star quarterback. Alabama prevails at home. Alabama 42 Kentucky 28

Alabama is 4-2


Houston Nutt adds a little spice to this game. He had a great record against the Tide at Arkansas and Eddie O left the cupboard full of speedsters and blue chips. Well, at least there are better players there than have been. Is Nuttmeg the spice to put it all together this year at Ole Miss. Transition plays a big part in coaches’ first seasons. The game is in Tuscaloosa, and Alabama wins… a close one. Alabama 21 Mississippi 20

Alabama is 5-2


Does one smell pay back on the banks of the Tennessee or is that Calhoun’s Bar-B-Que? Nick Saban failed to call the dogs off last year and Phillip Fulmer will not fail to forget that. Tennessee has to play an inexperienced quarterback. However, Neyland stadium is going to be unbearable. This series will continue to swap. Tennessee 30 Alabama 20

Alabama is 5-3


Every time a team like this is on the schedule it makes fans mad. It is a no win situation for Alabama. If Alabama wins, well, they should have. If Alabama loses it’s bad. No one gets excited, no one wants to sit at Bryant-Denny-Tuberville stadium to see this game take place, not even the players. Alabama 34 Arkansas State 7

Alabama is 6-3


It’s going to be hard for LSU to continue dominating Alabama like most teams from Louisiana. Like many teams on the schedule, LSU has questions at quarterback. They have lost some starters but have essentially reloaded over the years and players will probably step into positions without losing much in terms of performance. This is the game Alabama surprises everyone with. Alabama 38 LSU 35

Alabama is 7-3


Sly Croom has shown to be at least as good as Mike Shula and at least good enough to have beaten Alabama two years consecutive. Is either of those accomplishments? Alabama should take care of him at is old home field this time. Alabama 24 MSU 17

Alabama is 8-3


The law of averages has to prevail some time. Auburn is going to be coming off either a hot season or a cold season. It will not be lukewarm. The Tony Franklin experience will be orgasmic or a cluster-f***. This game has so many variables it hard to condense them into a short blurb but here goes. Alabama is at home, albeit at Tuberville’s favorite place to beat Alabama, but it’s going to be loud. The spread offense which relies on quick decisions and good line of scrimmage communication struggles in the noise. (See Florida at Alabama 2005). At this point, if Alabama’s defense is healthy then they will have a year’s worth of experience. Look for a close win for Alabama and a trip to Atlanta (this sounds so much like homer it’s hard to type). Alabama 29 Auburn 28

Alabama is 9-3

SEC Title
Rematch with Georgia
Georgia 42 Alabama 30

Peach, Cotton, or Capital One.

Georgia wins the National Title and it doesn’t seem so bad to lose to them twice.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

SEC Media Days

"The state of Louisiana has 12 colleges that play football. If Alabama played those 12 as a schedule in the season, what do you think their record would be?" -- A print reporter Question to coach Les Miles, regarding his comments that "a lot of teams in Louisiana beat that team." Miles said he was joking.

"I just don't get him. He just seems like a smart aleck, even on the sidelines. He just doesn't come across well." -- Taylor Hicks Singer on LSU coach Les Miles, during a radio interview Wednesday with WJOX 100.5 FM

From what I understand, Tim Tebow drew a huge crowd of reporters acting like school girls. GarnetAndBlackAttack is keeping live coverage...well atleast coverage worth reading.

From what I've heard listening to RoundTabelRadio, Fulmer decided to skip the interview with Ian and LT because their first question was going to be about the subpoena.

We're not sure why the senior quarterback isn't there today. Rashad Johnson and Antoine Caldwell accompanied Saban.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


UA Gameday has announced what's new for the 2008 season. Here's a quick overview:
  • Reserve parking on University Blvd across from Arby's for the season, $111.00.
  • There will no longer be parking on the grass at Russell Hall, Farrah Hall or Gallalee Hall.
  • The Moody Music parking lot located on the corner of Bryant Dr. and 2nd Ave. will no longer be used for general public parking.
  • Several more reserved tent spaces have been added to the Quad. I know some have been scared this might be taking up our location. Have no fear, we have confirmed on the map that our locations is safe.
  • Pre-game parking and traffic map
  • Post-game parking and traffic map
  • The best thing that I have seen so far is that they have confirmed they will enhance the power supply to the quad.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Preseason All - SEC announced.....

The preseason all SEC teams were announced today. We had 8 players selected to the squads, trailing only LSU(14) Florida(10) and Georgia(9). Two of our guys were selected as First Team All - SEC. They were Andre Smith and Rashad Johnson. Andre was one of 6 unanimous first team selections. Other Bama players joining Smith and Johnson with SEC honors were: C Antoine Caldwell(Second Team Offense), LB Rolando McClain (Second Team Defense), QB John Parker Wilson(Third Team Offense), Terry Grant(Third Team Offense), RS Javier Arenas(Second Team Special Teams), and PK Leigh Tiffin(Third Team Special Teams).

The list was released in advance of the 2008 SEC Football Media Days, which will be held July 23-25 in Hoover, Ala.

You can find the complete SEC media release here.

D-Line in the SEC... has posted their SEC Position Rankings on the Defensive Line. If you have an account, go check it out.

Obviously Alabama's defensive front is not going to be the same without Wallace Gilberry. Even with Glenn Dorsey out, LSU top's the list for the SEC West and the SEC as a whole. Georgia tops in the East. Alabama comes in at position 5 in the West. It's hard to make a plea to the top when we only recorded 6 sacks last season. State falls just short of us with no returning starters.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot Seat?!?

Now I might not have my definition of "The Hot Seat" correct, so please, let me know if I have this wrong. The Hot Seat would be a coach that has the program, fans, and sometimes players letting him know that each win/loss determines whether he keeps his job. We've seen many of coaches over the past year or so on the hot seat (e.g.,, and our all-time favorite But for some unkown reason, CoachesOnTheHotSeat has Nick Saban on their list at #4. How can this be? Saban could go 7-5 this year and no one would even think to slap him on the hand, much less start rumors that he needs booted.

Ty Willingham, Joe Glenn, Kirk Ferentz, and Mike Stoops all seem like good candidates to be sitting on the dreaded hot seat, but Saban? How can a coach that is being reported by CBS Sports as in the Top Ten of the Best of the Best active coaches be on the Hot Seat?

By the way, it's still a good site, just might not have the right idea. Check out the good stats and such.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Book on sale by RBR

The guys over at RollBamaRoll have put together an annual guide to Crimson Tide football. It's 12.99, better get them while their hot.

44 Days and Counting......

Hard to believe football season is almost upon us. In a little over a month and a half we will be heading over to Atlanta for one of our toughest challenges of the season. We will be facing a Clemson team that has two backs with the nicknames of thunder and lightning as well as an early Heisman hopeful at Quarterback. Those three paired against our very very young and depleted line backing corp that Jeremiah previously touched on could be a huge challenge for us. Either way the best time of the year is quickly approaching.

---Edit by Tommy---

It might be 44 + 365 to we are back there again... Alabama, Virginia Tech may open 2009 football season

Calling all Linebackers

Well Bama nation, it appears that the Crimson Tide has lost/is going to lose yet another player. reported this morning that Zeke has requested to be released from the University of Alabama. The request comes after Knight was hospitalized this winter and led through a series of heart-related test. Doctors believed the ailment was due to a previous surgery to correct a heart mummer, but no prognosis has been announced. After being sidlined for most of the 2006 season because of his heart issues, Knight had a strong 2007 season where he recorded 64 tackles and 3 sacks.

Knight believes that he still has at least one year of football left and wishes to transfer to a small school because UA doctors are skeptical and are currently holding him out of physical activity. It is believed that Knight is possibly looking to go play at Jacksonville State University or at Faulkner University in Montgomery. Knight will stay on scholarship at UA until he graduates in August, then looks to transfer and cash in his last year of eligibility.
This is a huge blow to the Crimson Tide football team after losing as promising star in Jimmy Johns earlier this summer and Prince Hall earlier in the year. Currently the Tide is down to only 1 return starter in their Linebacker Corps. The reinstatement of Prince Hall is still speculative, but looks to grow every week as another player leaves or is kicked off the team. The only positive that can come out of these lost players is that the Tide is 1 scholarship away from being able to enroll the entire 2008 recruiting class per the NCAA limit of 85.

Tipsy Tiders Unite!

Calling all Tipsy Tiders..... After a much needed long break, we are back for the '08 season. A lot of stuff went down while we were away. We'll try to get you all caught up. We now are asking any Tipsy Tider if they would like to be an author, just let us know,